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IOF World Orienteering Championships Vuokatti Finland 6.-14.7.2013

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Training opportunities


Middle distance and relay terrain is hilly and craggy with a lot of contour details. It is spruce forest. Runnability varies from good to tough. Visibility is moderate. Height difference is 120 meters. 

Long distance terrain is pine forest. There are hills, ridges and depressions in the terrain. Runnability  and visibility are mostly very good. There is a network of paths and forest roads. Height difference in the area is 60 meters.

Sprint terrain is a combination of urban area, parks and pine forest.


Maps have been made by the same map makers as in WOC 2013 competitions. Mapping year is 2010 and 2011.

Courses are planned by WOC 2013 course setters.

Areas of training maps (pdf)

Official training maps locations (pdf)

More information about training maps

Maps are available for purchase at Sports Institute reception. Maps as OCAD-files can be ordered via Timo Partanen (timo.partanen(at) 


 Maps without overprinting       4 €
 Maps overprinted with controls or courses    6 €
 Map files in OCAD format   130 €
 Training session with Emit timing     80 € + maps 6 €
 Organized race        100 € + maps 6 €

Contact person:
Timo Partanen, timo.partanen(at)

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